Individuals, Families and Children

Families, children and individuals receive several financial benefits once they qualify.

Tax Credits for Seniors

We represent you with the Canada Revenue Agency to recoup refunds that you are entitled to.

Vets and Military

We help Veterans with physical impairments or PTSD qualify for additional financial benefits.

Medical Practitioners

We partner with Medical Practitioners to help the sick, injured and disabled get financial help.

Lighten your burden caused by an infirmity, injury or chronic illness



Are you a  person with a disability who is  ignored or avoided? Many people with disabilities are not able to advocate for themselves and some who do manage to pursue their benefits, get bogged down with the multiple hoops they need to jump through. Eventually, most people throw up their hands in frustration and lose the desire to advocate for themselves. Often the process alone exacerbates the effects of their disability.

Sadly, as a result, many tax credits and financial benefits that were created to help the disabled are missed or are never claimed?

LightCross helps it’s clients receive the financial benefits they are entitled to. Money needed to buy expensive medical aids, equipment, to help pay for caretakers and provide for their family or in some cases to  take a much deserved vacation. Some impairments even receive specific benefits. We advocate on our client’s behalf and file appeals when necessary to get all claims approved!

If you, a family member, or patient have a long term illness, injury or disability, call us. We will work hard for you and your clients to help navigate the maze of complex and frustrating bureaucracies and get you the money you deserve!  The initial consultation is free and there is no fee unless we are successful!

At LightCross, we make “Your Tax Burden light!”

Thousands of clients have trusted us to obtain their maximum refund for them!

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Medical Practitioners assist with your claim

We work with your practitioner to get your maximum claim.

Redefine Your Retirement

Veterans and Military


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