Our Tax Credit Services

We use our former expertise working with Canada Revenue Agency to maximize ALL of your tax credit and tax benefit options. Don’t miss out on income that could help you and your loved ones.

Disability Tax Services

We help you qualify for the tax credits you deserve. Whether you are a family member, parent, or individual with a disability, let our expertise work for you. Government bonds, tax credits, and government grants may be available.

Tax Credits for Seniors

Make your burden light in your retirement years. Be it money for home renovations or increasing financially security, let’s find ways to maximize your tax return.

Medical Practitioners

You are your patients lifeline. There are many different levels of disability in the tax code, your patient may qualify for many. Contact us for your disability tax credit document prepared specifically to your practice area.

Veterans and Military

Discover the opportunities available for service members. Tax benefits range from health related including PTSD, eligible tax credits, and caregiver tax credits as well. Free consultations every step of the way.

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