Stuck trying to navigate the complex CRA tax credit system? Most of us become frustrated when dealing with the government.

Imagine how your patients must feel? Many of your patients/clients who encounter systematic red tape also suffer from long term illnesses, disabilities and low self esteem.

Have you noticed that people with disabilities are often ignored or avoided? Many lack the motivation to advocate for themselves. Those who are motivated, get bogged down with the many hoops to jump through, throw their hands up in frustration! and lose the motivation to advocate for themselves. In effect exacerbating the effects of their disability

Sadly, as a result, many tax credits and financial benefits that were created to help them are missed or never claimed?

LightCross helps your patients receive the financial benefits they are entitled to. Money that they need to buy expensive medical aids and equipment.  Several impairments receive specific benefits. We advocate on their behalf and file appeals when necessary to get their claims approved!

If you have a family member or patient with a long term illness, injury or disability, call or have them call us. We will work hard for you and your clients to navigate the maze of complex and frustrating bureaucracies to ‘make their financial burdens light!’ The initial consultation is free.